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What is The Tree Hearts currently working on?

October 3rd

Fall ‘18 Semester school work is consuming almost all of my time. A new website is coming soon to sell my artworks and to have patrons assist me with art supplies. The Tree Hearts may be either coming to an end or prices may change to better accommodate my limited day time availability, but I am unsure as of now.

Get early access to be a Patron on PATREON for Katherine Lenehan. Have the chance to get signed prints of artworks and early access to purchase new pieces.

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Business Summary

Fine Art meets Woodworking

Bentwood rings and stone inlay. My product is personalized for every customer, and they all come with the same promise of quality, dedication, and durability. Here to create the ring you want, I’m an experienced bentwood ring maker, graphic designer, and fine art artist since 2013. The minimum 7 day process each ring goes through results in a multi-layered wooden structure that is the ring's base. This gives your ring the strength and durability to easily take on every day wear. Every ring has a waterproof option available. 

Meet the


My name is Katherine. While in college for graphic design and fine art, I watched a man make simple bentwood ring bands. My artistic personality appreciated the structure and durability of the wooden ring, and I could envision beautiful and unique designs that would benefit from the ring's strength. Incorporating fine art and woodworking, along with my dad's woodworker expertise, I spent many months perfecting how to create a sturdy and durable bentwood ring. I've had so much fun and joy making orders since 2013. I've created countless engagement rings for couples, and being able to provide functional art with such strong symbolism is heart warming to me. This passion project has led me to Los Angeles art studios & shops in the West to the small business boutiques & business classes in the East for the last 4 years. Currently I am returning to college to complete my bachelors in fine art & business management. I am striving to help The Tree Hearts bloom into a strong and vibrant leading bentwood ring business.




All estimates are free and flexible according to materials and design.

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Natural stones and materials.

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New Arrivals


Hollow Carved Design

New Bentwood Ring Design Option! No gemstones, no inlay, just pure carved wooden ring. The beauty of bentwood rings is their layered structure, allowing for thin sections on the ring while still retaining its strength. Message me for details at with questions or inquiries. 

All ring products will have an "Oil & Wax" and "Gloss" finish selection when adding to cart.

Ready Made rings

Rings all ready to ship out in a matter of days! See what rings are available to pick from every week with new listings. 

Metal Inlay

My shop now offers 14k Solid Gold, Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, and Copper as metal inlay additions. Great for customizing your order and giving it a modern flare to a rustic design. 

Handmade with

Quality and Time.

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Fantastic seller, truly one of a kind service, Katherine went above and beyond. The ring looks amazing. Thanks Katherine, my soon to be wife loves the ring, too.
— Michael, July 1
Katherine was an absolute pleasure to work with, responding quickly to all my messages and creating a beautiful set of custom wedding rings.
— Ellie, June 23
Came on time, Katherine is very friendly and easy to work with if you want something custom. The rings are beautiful, very light and have held up very well.
— Marcus, June 22
My custom wedding band is absolutely perfect and I adore it. It is exactly what I requested and I had it very quickly. Katherine was great to work with!
— Caryn, May 28
My now Fiancé absolutely loves her ring!!!
— Erica, March 27




I’ll only work with the best materials available or provided by customers for custom inlays.  I never compromise quality for time, and give my clients realistic dates to expect their order.  I strive for honest customer service, and will work with you to create the ring design you want.  I love every beautiful ring order that comes through, and especially being able to craft them into life.  Each order with the "Oil & Wax" finish choice comes with its own container of Organic Coconut Wood Wax.  All single ring orders come with a black ring box, or ring sets come with an Ivory Satin Pouch.  Some orders automatically receive a free ring chest, see Purchase Perks on the FAQ page.


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