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"How are bentwood rings different from solid wood rings?"

  Excellent question! The main reason that sets apart bentwood rings from carved solid wood rings is the structure and process to make it. The multiple layers to create the bentwood rings provide maximum strength and durability a wooden ring can achieve. This allows for thinner and stronger wooden ring bands. The layered design greatly negates weak points, like the solid wood rings would have. Solid wood rings need to be thick and bulky in order to retain some durability, and often break quickly if made any thinner.


"Can I send you a stone, sand, or special material to inlay into a ring?"

Usually, yes. If it is special to you, I can put it a ring. Keep in mind that whatever material is sent to me will be crushed (like stones).  

Materials I have learned that do not inlay well are:  powders, metals in general, any soft crumbly stone like Pyrite, and diamonds (my tools cannot grind down diamonds and live to tell about it)

"Can you make ___ ring size?" 

Yes! All orders ask for ring size when you click the "Add to Cart" button. A small form will pop up on your page asking to input the desired ring size.

I DO NOT ACCEPT at-home measurements due to too many previous orders being wrongly sized. Each ring is made-to-order according to the size requested, so please make sure to see a professional for correct ring sizes to avoid complications. Rings needing to be resized can cost up to 50% of the original ring cost due to making a whole new ring. 

If you don't know what your US size is, but you know what your FR/RU/UK/etc size is, inform me of the country's ring measurement you're using and I will convert it to the correct US ring size.

If you'd like a specific band width for your ring, I am able to go as thin as 2.5mm and as wide as 9mm. Rings with an inlay have to have a minimum width of 3mm. Send me an email before you order your ring, and I will let you know if a specific ring you'd like is able to be a thinner or thicker width if curious.

"Are the rings waterproof?"

Gloss finish

Yes, however extended exposure to water or chemicals will dull the "Gloss" finish. They do need to avoid chemicals such as cleaners, swimming pools, dish washing, hot showers, aggressive scratching and abrasive surfaces.

oil & Wax

No, it is water resistant, however extended exposure to water or chemicals will break down and ruin in the ring's durability. 

"How to maintain my ring?"

Gloss finish & Oil and Wax

They do need to avoid chemicals such as cleaners, swimming pools, dish washing, hot showers, aggressive scratching and abrasive surfaces.

Remember, these rings are made of wood and not metal. Strength and structural integrity are comparable, but durability is not the same.

"Can I receive the ring by ___ date?"

As long as there is a minimum of 2.5 weeks before the needed date, yes I can get the ring to you by that time. Any order needed within 10-14 days will have a rush charge of $80 due to being completed ahead of other orders + includes the cost of overnight express shipping.

Rush Orders are for U.S. addresses only, not international.

If the rings are for a wedding, please try to avoid creating a rush order and schedule this with me ahead of time. I would recommend having a "place holder ring" incase your order takes longer than anticipated and you have a ring for the ceremony.

"What stone and wood choices do you have?"


  • Green Jade
  • Mother of Pearl
  • White Opal
  • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
  • Malachite
  • Citrine
  • Amethyst
  • Goldstone
  • Lapis


    • Garnet
    • Quartz
    • Quartz Beach Sand
    • White Speckled Beach Sand
    • Light Blue Opal
    • Peridot
    • Iolite
    • Carnelian
    • Prehistoric Shark Tooth
    • Star Ruby
    • Red Jasper
    • Obsidian
    • Volcanic Rock
    • Silver or Gold Glass
    • Black Tourmaline,


    • Beech
    • Koa
    • Light Silver Maple
    • Dark Silver Bird's Eye Maple
    • White Oak
    • East Indian Rosewood
    • Louro Preto
    • Walnut
    • Maple.

    "Custom ring?"

    Absolutely! We can work together to create a custom combination of woods or special sentimental materials for inlay. Simply fill out a custom order form in the Quote & Contact page.

    "What if the ring is not the right size when it arrives?"

    If the ring is incorrectly sized and not what was requested at checkout and on your receipt, I will remake the ring for free due to it being my error. 

    If the ring is correctly sized as ordered but not the right sized because of incorrect measurements, like with at-home measurers, there is up to a 50% charge of the ring's original price to remake the ring.

    Most likely the ring will be correctly sized if measured by a professional at a ring jewelry store. I always highly recommend being measured by a professional jeweler to avoid any size complications after ordering.

    "What if I want to cancel my order?"

    If the order is canceled within 3 days of purchase, and provided I have not yet started to make the order, there is no charge and it will take up to 1 week to refund your order. After 3 days there will be a 20% charge of the original price of the ring for I would have already started to make the ring.

    After 7 days it is a 40% charge.

    After 14 days it is a 60% charge.

    After 20 days it is a 80% charge.

    "Could I change my order after purchasing?"

    Orders cannot be changed unless it is a request to have a different stone inlay material. You must inform me within 3 days, provided I have not yet inlayed your order. 

    Wood bases cannot be changed after ordering, unless I have not started on the ring yet.




    Individual Ring Orders
    • Individual ring orders with a total of $140 or above receives a Ring Chest free.
    • One free Gloss touch-up for individual purchases $170 or above.
    Ring Set Orders
    • Ring set orders with a total of $240 or above receives a Ring Chest free.

    • One free Gloss touch-up per ring for ring set purchases $340 or above. 


    REturn & Refund


    • Refund Criteria: 

      • The ring was not made to size ordered.
        • Ring will be returned to you if it is shown to be sized-to-order in my shop. Refund will occur if ring is not sized-to-order.

      • Orders canceled during the making process (partial refund after 3 days of ordering)
    • Returns must be discussed and approved before sending product back.
    • Refunds will be made within 1 week of the safely returned items. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.
    • No returns after 14 days of receiving the order. Let me know as soon as possible if your ring size needs to be altered, and I will let you know what is available to you.
    • Items must be returned in the condition which they were sent. Returned items must be clean and in new condition.
    • Any items returned in used condition will not be refunded since I do not sell used rings.
    • Each item should be appropriately protected and packaged for a safe transit.

    • Packages must be returned postage-paid.

    • All returns are acknowledged by email.

      Non-returnable Items
      • Organic Coconut Wood Wax.
      • Custom or personalized orders.
      Restocking Charges
      • Orders canceled after 3 days of purchase: 20%
      • Orders canceled after 7 days of purchase: 40%
      • Orders canceled after 14 days of purchase: 60%
      • Orders canceled after 20 days of purchase: 80%
      Non-refundable Items
      • Rings made to size ordered, but claimed it was not.
        • Ring will be returned to you if it is shown to be sized-to-order in my shop. Refund will occur if ring is not sized-to-order.
      • Rings lost or damaged from rough wear.
      • Shipping costs.
      • Rush Order charges.
      • Rings altered outside of my shop.
      • Worn/used rings
      What I cannot guarantee 
      • Any chipping or dulling of the gloss finish due to rough wear.