Dark Silver Bird's Eye Maple & Light Silver Maple w/ Stainless Steel

Dark Silver Bird's Eye Maple & Light Silver Maple w/ Stainless Steel


This ring in particular is 5mm wide. Gloss finish.

When ordering a ring, simply state the size(s) needed in the form that will pop up as you add the ring to your shopping cart. Please double check the ring sizes before submitting your order. Rings needing to be resized/remade will require a resizing charge. Check FAQ's for most questions regarding sizing.

All wooden rings I create are made using the "bentwood style" that consists of multiple layers of thin wood tightly wrapped around. Bentwood rings are made using a time consuming 8-step process that ensures the strongest structural integrity for a quality wood ring that will not break for many years.

This particular ring is made with the Dark Silver Bird’s Eye Maple outer wood and a Light Silver Maple inner wood band. The center inlay has a strip of Stainless Steel wrapping all the way around the ring. Once the ring band is wrapped, there are 10 stages of hand sanding and the ring becomes very soft to the touch. Gloss finish is the only option for rings with metal.

Feel free to send me a message on Etsy or email me at katherine@thetreehearts.com for any other questions. I love to help, so don't feel shy!

Processing time takes around 2 - 3 weeks.

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